Kota Kinabalu: A Glimpse of Malaysian Borneo

Sabah has always captivated travelers with its rich natural and cultural history. Whether it’s climbing the mighty Mt. Kinabalu (which we did not), or diving in the waters off the Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park (which we did), or plying the Bornean rivers to look for proboscis monkey (which we did… sort of), Malaysia’s easternmost state and the northernmost tip of Borneo has something for every outdoor junkie. And for those who’d rather keep their adrenaline in check, there’s the Mari-Mari Cultural Village where one can just, uh, chill while learning about Sabah’s ethnic groups. And to top it off, countless food stalls will keep you (and your tummy) occupied.

It was a four-day absence without leave from work that’s well worth it. And oh… this was my first time to swim in a foreign beach!

Mari Mari Cultural Village
Garama Base Camp
Kota Kinabalu National Park
Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park
Kota Kinabalu Night Market

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