Bangui, Ilocos Norte: The Road to Pagudpud 2

IN THE TOWN OF BANGUI, just before reaching Pagudpud, a row of wind turbines stand beside the shore, their slender body and large blades towering above us. These gigantic structures were built by the NorthWind Power Development Corporation after a study discovered various places in the Philippines that were suitable for generating wind power.

Fifteen turbines were erected by 2005 as part of the first phase, and five more were added in 2008 as part of the second phase.

A row of wind turbines along the shoreline of Bangui Bay.
Left, each wind turbine is 70 meters tall with a blade of measuring 41 meters long. Right, the turbines are supported by steel towers.
Uninhabited and without trees and vegetation nearby, the 9-kilometer Bangui Bay is an ideal site for the wind turbines.
Left, souvenir items bearing the wind turbines’ likeness are sold near the beach. Right, a young girl watches over her mother’s store.

Other than the wind farm, there’s not much to see in Bangui, whose beaches are deep and have currents too strong to be conducive to swimming.

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