Pasay: A Morning Stroll

One thing I miss from working near where I live is that I can walk to and from the office. While Makati’s Central Business District is a very walkable area, the streets radiating out are not, so I still have to ride a jeepney or bus going to and from the condo in Pasay.

One weekend, I decide to take a stroll around Pasay to familiarize myself with my new neighborhood, and I am reminded of the joy of walking. I have always regarded walking as a therapy. It allows me to think and enjoy the simple things in the surroundings.

I walk towards the Harbor Square beside the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) grounds. Sunlight softly spills onto the Manila Bay, painting the waters blue with its gentle rays. I make my way towards the CCP, watching people jog and do various physical activities on the grass. I then make my way to Mall of Asia, passing by the Philippine International Convention Center, the Coconut Palace, and the Manila Film Center along the way. These are simple, priceless moments that I cherish and am grateful to enjoy.

Living away from the city I call home has been teaching me many things, especially the value of living with less, accountability and responsibility. The past two months really hammered in me the value of contentment. Spending much of your time in a big city with its perks can blind you into thinking that everything is a necessity, but do you really need that much in order to survive?

The pace of Makati is exciting, but I am still drawn to the simple life. I guess I was not really made for the busy city. Once in a while, I still crave the sight of the water and the sound of nothing but the the waves.

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