40 Days of Veganism: 2018 Edition

And here we go again. The title’s a misnomer, though, because I have been an on-off vegan since late January (a flexitarian, if you will). For most days of the week, I stick to a plant-based diet, but there are days, particularly when I’m on a really tight budget or when I’m too lazy to prepare meals, when I have to consume food with dairy or even meat. For instance, two slices of wheat bread and a can of corned tuna makes for a cheap and quick dinner. Plus, my trip to Korea earlier this year didn’t really help in keeping me on track. The country has a lot of dishes and dining places I wanted to try that I just had to forget being vegan while I was there.

But I guess this is better if I want to commit to veganism in the long run; introducing small modifications in what you eat seems more doable than suddenly removing major food groups in your diet.

Nonetheless, for this year I didn’t really eat out a lot, especially after I discovered the joy of having your lunched delivered daily in the office. A vegan friend included me in a vegan group on Facebook, and it was there I learned of a couple of businesses that prepare and deliver vegan lunch to selected areas in Metro Manila. I say “joy” because there’s just a sense of excitement for me waiting for what dishes they come up with. It’s really amazing how creative vegans can get.

It’s not to say that I was wholly confined at my desk during lunch hours, or at home during dinner. I managed to try a couple of vegan restaurants, although I only got to try one enough times for me to able to write something.

So here’s how the past 40 days few weeks of veganism went.


Double Patty Cheese Burger (PHP 160); 6″ Solo Pizza (PHP 100); Potato Fries (PHP 80)
Korean Bibimbap (PHP 150)

Juicesabel is another vegan hole-in-the-wall in the Collective, where Wabi-Sabi also is. The place actually specializes on juice, although they have a very interesting menu that includes diner staples. All dishes are surprisingly plant-based and cheap by vegan restaurant standards. For instance, the Double Patty Cheeseburger costs PHP 160, while a 6-inch pizza is priced at PHP 100. They’re delicious and really filling too. This is the place to go when you’ve secretly been missing that Zark’s burger.

The Collective, 7274 Malugay Street, San Antonio Village, Makati City (also delivers)
Contact number: 0906 468 3426
Juicesabel Facebook page

Good Food Vegetarian

Lunch set: Veggie Burger Steak with Spring Rolls and Red Rice (PHP 110); Ala carte: Korean BBQ (PHP 150)

Good Food Vegetarian was the first vegan food delivery service I learned of, and thus their dishes were the first I tried. The menu changes every week, but most of their dishes are meatless renditions of popular ulam, such as corned beef, menudo, lumpiang shanghai, tofu sardines (which tastes like real canned sardines) and even Korean barbecue. A set lunch costs PHP 100, with an additional PHP 10 if you want to “upgrade” your rice to red rice. There are also “ala carte” options, which cost PHP 150 each, but are good for two.

Delivery only (from Cubao, Quezon City)
Contact number: 0943 549 9499 / 0915 754 9226
Good Food Vegetarian Facebook page

The Greenery Kitchen

Tocilog + Tomato Cucumber Papadam Salad (PHP 100); Sisig + Broccoli Soup (PHP 100)

The second vegan food delivery service I learned of was The Greenery Kitchen, which also has a restaurant in Makati. The dishes are mostly similar to Good Food Vegetarian, with popular ulam getting meatless makeovers. My favorites would be the tocilog (this was my first time seeing a vegan sunny side-up), and the sisig (probably the spiciest vegan sisig I’ve tasted). The Greenery Kitchen also has the cheapest meals, with each priced at PHP 90, with an additional PHP 10 to “upgrade” to brown rice.

4067 Kalayaan Avenue Tejeros, Makati (also delivers lunch sets)
Contact number: 0906 069 0497
The Greenery Kitchen Facebook page

Plate Mafia

Mock Tuna Burger with Pesto Pasta (PHP 150); Sushi and Green Bean Shiraae (PHP 110)

I don’t know where Plate Mafia is based, but nonetheless their riders have regularly been frequenting Makati to deliver my lunch. Of the three delivery services, they have the most “global” lunch sets, with dishes such as sushi, red rice bibimbap, couscous salad, and other international fares. Wednesdays have the menu featuring a burger and a pasta dish. I’m not sure if it’s their packaging making it appear so, but they also seem to have the biggest servings.

Contact number: 0906 086 6459 / 0933 546 4305
Plate Mafia Facebook page

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