The Iceland Ring Road Trip Part 8: Egilsstaðir

WE CONCLUDE OUR EAST FJORDS TOUR with a stop in Egilsstaðir, the main town and unoffical capital of East Iceland. It’s a typical Icelandic town, with some supermarkets and gasoline stations, but there aren’t really interesting spots for the average traveler. It does make a good base for explorations into the region and a nice stop for those driving along the Ring Road.

The East Iceland Heritage Museum contains documents and films on the history of the region.
Egilsstaðir’s park at the center of the town acts as a venue for outdoor activities or simply a place to chill.
The town’s oldest house has been turned into Café Nielsen, a family-owned restaurant.

Egilsstaðir was established in 1947 as a regional hub due to its location at the intersection of East Iceland’s main roads. It has since then grown to become the largest town in the region, providing a number of services to both locals and tourists.

A path hidden from the main road leads to an old execution site.
A small hill near the town center provides an accessible trekking opportunity.
The yellow Birta Guesthouse, sister hotel of Guesthouse Olga, is a charming option to spend the night in Egilsstaðir.

Nevertheless, there’s not much to see or do in the town itself, and it works best as a base to further explore the sites in the area or as a stop when journeying the Ring Road. It does make for a good afternoon stroll, since it’s small, and the sight of the trees and mountains nearby provide a refresher after a whole day in the van.

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