The Iceland Ring Road Trip Part 14: Blue Lagoon

FINALLY IN THE AFTERNOON, we visit the quintessential Icelandic site – the Blue Lagoon. The lagoon is actually man-made, built on an 8.7 square kilometer lava field. The site is a constant tourist drawer and attracts visitors around the world wanting to experience its milky blue waters in a dreamlike environment. It’s not without detractors, however, who lament the lagoon is too crowded and commercialized.

Still, a dip in the Blue Lagoon is undeniably something special that has to be experienced while in Iceland. The warm water, the steam enveloping the air, and guests’ faces covered in silica mud all combine to give the place a surreal – almost dreamy – vibe.

When we’re done rejuvenating ourselves, we return to Keflavik where we’ll spend our final evening together. We order pizza to share it among ourselves before heading off to bed and go our separate ways the next morning.

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