Norway in a Nutshell Part 3: Flåm

FLÅM’S LOCATION AT THE END OF AURLANDSFJORD makes for a pretty spectacular setting. But it also means this town and its 400 residents can get overwhelmed when cruise tours make their stops here and spill their passengers out. Still, outside of this tourist crush (usually in the early morning or late afternoon), the town is blissfully quiet and provides a great place to spend overnight.

The charming town of Flåm is backdropped by the steep slopes of the Aurlandsfjord, a subsidiary of the Sognefjord.
The crimson tourist center building greets visitors by the port.
The charming Flåm Camping and Hostel is located in a pretty area of the town.

Flåm has been a tourist destination since the 19th century. Almost all visitors come to ride Flåmsbana, which has been called one of the world’s most beautiful train rides. Beside the tracks is a former rail station building that has been turned into a museum showing the construction of the railway. There are also a couple of walking trails leading to the forest.

The Flåmsbana Museum provides some insight on the construction of the famous Flåm Railway.
Toget Café uses two old rail cars as dining spaces in.
Reindeer hotdog is sold in town.

Yanyan and I decide to break our journey to Oslo here, booking one night in Flåm Camping and Hostel. It’s a really pretty place situated away from the port, so it’s not as hectic. And it’s also in a very scenic part of town that it’s easy to just spend all day here admiring the views.

Nevertheless, Yanyan and I do leave the hostel in the afternoon and explore the central part of town. We check out the museum and the pier before having our really late lunch in an open-air dining area behind the tourist center.

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