Humlebæk: The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

MOST VISITORS TO DENMARK CONFINE THEMSELVES IN COPENHAGEN, and because of the beauty and traveler-friendliness of the capital, it’s not hard to see why. But after two and a half days of exploring the city, I’m ready to explore more of Denmark. The good news is that the country is compact and the transportation very efficient that it’s easy to do day trips to nearby regions. The even better news is that purchasing a Copenhagen Card allows you free entry to a number of attractions and free bus and train rides in Copenhagen and the North Zealand for a certain number of days.

So after getting our 3-day cards at the information center in the central train station, Yanyan does another tour of the city while I ride the train to Humlebæk, an otherwise nondescript coastal town 35 kilometers north of Copenhagen. The town’s most popular – and perhaps the only – tourist attraction is the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. It’s an art gallery that is as impressive for the exhibits as the buildings that house them.

Inside are paintings, sculptures, photographs, and other installations from post-World War II to contemporary times, including works by Picasso, Warhol, and Roy Lichtenstein. There are also short films shown in rooms designed to immerse the viewer in the world being portrayed.

On this visit, the museum has a special exhibition titled “The Moon.” The large-scale exhibition features more than 200 artworks and other objects that focus on the Earth’s companion and its importance to humanity. One notable room is that where viewers are taken to space.

Another building houses the collection of Niels-Wessel Bagge, a Danish choreographer and art collector who died in 1990. His collection includes more than 400 pre-Columbian artworks placed around the elegantly designed building.

Outside the museum’s two wings is a sprawling garden dotted with sculptures and overlooking a scenic view of the Øresund. It’s a relaxing space where, if you’re not a big museum-goer, you can sit for a couple of hours to have a cup of coffee at the cafeteria while appreciating the sweeping view of the sea.

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