Dine In: Little India

A few things are as polarizing to Filipinos as Indian cuisine, with its liberal use of spices too much to many of us who are used to the basic cooking of Filipino moms. Yet I actually love it. In fact, I love it better than Filipino food. If a country’s dishes are the portal to a different world, then curries and samosas are my tickets to the palaces of Jaipur and the streets of Mumbai in the meantime.

At least being in a different world is how it feels when dining at Little India in Teacher’s Village, Quezon City. This little blink-and-you’ll-miss-it restaurant in Malingap Street feels plopped in its own sphere, away from the madness of Metro Manila. It’s a pleasure taking your time to dine here and enjoying the relative stillness of the area.

Many of the dishes are vegan, and even some lacto-vegetarian items can be served vegan if you request the staff (I’m currently trying to be vegan again for one month at the very least and three months at most). One such dish is the Mixed Platter, a serving of a vegetable samosa and an assortment of pakoras (deep-fried breaded vegetables). The non-vegan version contains paneer, which is a kind of Indian cheese.

Mixed Platter: Samosa, Aloo Chop, Assorted Pakoras (PHP 160)

A great way to load on fiber is the Chana Masala, which consists of chickpeas and potatoes cooked in spice-flavored gravy. It’s great with rice, though for this meal, we settle for plain chapati (Indian flat bread).

Chana Masala (PHP 165), Plain Chapati (PHP 20)

Non-vegans can then end the meal with lassi (yogurt-based drink) or any of the desserts (all contain dairy in some form) in the menu.

Little India also occasionally holds a vegan lunch buffet where, for about 200 pesos, you can sample as much dishes as you want for a relatively guiltless feast.

Little India
24-F Malingap Street, Teachers Village, Quezon City
02 2383243
+63 9324073659
Official website

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