Indian Food Festival 2019

Indian cuisine is one of the most ubiquitous in the Philippines, so a lot of Filipinos have some basic familiarity of the country’s dishes. But India is a large country and its culture very diverse that restaurants serving Indian food tend to only scratch the surface.

It’s why the Indian Food Festival held in Bonifacio Global Center on a January weekend is such an enlightening experience. The event hosted by the Indian Embassy to commemorate the 70 years of Indian-Philippine friendship, features dozens of stalls serving a huge range of Indian food. These include the usual suspects as samosas and biryani, but also some obscure ones.

One of the less known ones that I really liked is the dosa, a pancake-like snack made from fermented batter. The version done by the Annapoora stall contains some onions and spices and served with a tasty sauce. The dish contains a surprisingly fiery kick.

A cooking demo is also held as well as a couple of special numbers. There’s also a booth selling tours and other travel services to help you get to India in case you want to taste the dishes in the land they originated.

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