40 Days of Veganism: 2019 Edition

It’s the time of the year again: when Jollibee serves Tuna Pie and many Catholics (and some Protestant denominations) refrain from eating certain food groups, particularly meat.

Personally, for me, it has become less of a religious commitment than an obvious excuse to maintain a vegan diet. For most of the year, it’s really tough committing to this kind of lifestyle, but I can do it in short bursts.

For this year, I decided to focus on the central business district of Makati, partly because of the number of vegan/vegan-friendly establishments in the area, but mostly because I’ve been increasingly lazy to venture farther during weekdays.

So without further ado.


Vegan Spinach Lasagna (PHP 190); Extra-Side Cordon Bleu (PHP 80); Extra Garlic Mayo Dip (PHP 20)
Pancit “Habhab” Lucban w/ Bagnet (PHP 80)

The newest vegan restaurant in Makati is, in my opinion, also the best. Not only are their dishes much cheaper than most vegan establishments, but their menu is long, too. Perhaps more importantly, their food is great.

It’s really tough to go wrong here, although the Vegan Lasagna and the Pancit “Habhab” Lucban with Bagnet are two of my go-to meals whether dining in the restaurant itself or ordering through Food Panda. Other dishes to try are their burgers and the sisig.

Second Floor, 5057 P. Burgos Corner Gen. Luna Street,
Poblacion, Makati City
+63 9467700000

Green Bar

Longganisa Soft Taco (PHP 90)
Heil Seitan (PHP 300)

Green Bar has become a vegan institution not just in Makati but also in Metro Manila. It’s one of the best-reviewed restaurants, and their dishes do those reviews justice, even if you have to shell out around double for many dishes compared to Cosmic. The place itself is small but intimate and located a bit out of the central area.

The Longganisa Soft Taco is a good way to start things off. The Heil Seitan, a meatless version of the Reuben Sandwich, may sound off-putting, but it’s the bestseller for a good reason. And there are vegan donuts and cakes as well to round off the meal.

M-104, West of Ayala, Urban Avenue, 
Legaspi Village, Makati City
02 8857537


Corned Beet Burger (PHP 130); Sweet Potato Chili Cheese Fries (PHP 105)
Bacon Rice Bowl (PHP 130)

Truth be told, I’ve never set foot at the JSCO Building, where the Pantree Food Hall (in which Planted is one of the stalls) is located. The building is located in Legaspi Village, around a 2-kilometer walk from our office. But I’ve ordered a few of their dishes through Food Panda, through which I discovered this hidden gem.

Being a stall, their menu is not as extensive as Cosmic or Green Bar, but I really loved the items I’ve tried, especially the Corned Beet Burger. The patty tastes like corned beef without the fats and the “I just ate a murdered cow” guilt. The Bacon Rice Bowl is okay, too, with all the fibers stuffed in it, though the “bacon” doesn’t taste as bacon-y as their corned beet is corned beef-y, if that even makes sense.

The Pantree Food Hall, JCSO Building, Dela Rosa Corner Castro Street, 
Legaspi Village, Makati City
+63 9178630734

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