To All the Shows I’ve Subbed Before

I guess I’ll start by saying that I’ve reached three years in my current work. It’s a personal milestone; the longest I stayed in a previous work was a year and a half. It’s a testament both to how I like being in this place and to a change of mindset. But as the cliche goes, the only constant thing is change, and I’ve reached that point where I’m ready to move on to a new chapter.

This move doesn’t come without risks, but I’ve thought about it long and hard and decided that, as far as self-fulfillment goes, the pros outweigh the risks. And so in two months, I’ll be taking baby steps towards being a full-time, ehem, digital nomad.


This makes this trip special. A couple of work colleagues and I go to Zambales on a weekend for some sort of a bonding among us. We base ourselves in San Narciso, where two of my colleagues hail from. It’s the usual weekend break, swimming in the beach in the late afternoon, talking over brandy while singing karaoke in the evening, and hiking to a falls the next morning.

There’s really not much to say about the weekend other than it’s fun, and it reminds me of why I’m quitting my full-time job in the first place. The world is big and is full of various experiences, and if there’s even the slightest opportunity to immerse yourself in those experiences, I want to grab it.

I’d quote a line from the song from Moana, but that’s so predictable. So I’ll just say carpe diem!

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