Dine-At-Home: The Walking Mushroom

One of the effects of the quarantine is that it has led me to watching a lot of travel-themed movies. When you’re itching to hit the road but you can’t, you just turn to magic of the screen for some “out-of-country” experience.

This has also inspired me to do a “culinary trip.” Thus, on an overcast afternoon, just as I am about to watch The Trip to Greece, I order some dishes from The Walking Mushroom, a food delivery service in Quezon City serving some great Greek dishes.

Moussaka (PHP 1300) / Keftedes with Tzatziki (PHP 595) / Greek Salad (PHP 350 each)

I first became acquainted with The Walking Mushroom through a sponsored post in Facebook, and the pictures of their dishes were enticing enough to make me want to try. The menu is a bit on the pricey side, though they’re large enough for five to six people.

Donna, who prepares the dishes, grew up and honed her kitchen skills in Greece. She is thus familiar with how Greek food should taste. The ingredients are fresh, and the food themselves are great and filling.

This is one food delivery service that’s worth the occasional splurge for when you’re celebrating something while in lockdown. Or even when you just want to imbibe the Aegean atmosphere while accompanying Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon on their final Trip movie.

The Walking Mushroom
Facebook page

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