SM City Pampanga: A Night at the Drive-In Theater

The pandemic has forced the world to lay off its plans, and these include many theaters to shut down. As a result, many movies slated to be released this year are either postponed for later dates or dumped to online streaming. A few movies are seeing light in another form: the drive-in theater.

Yup, that retro outdoor way of seeing a movie is gaining popularity in the new normal, providing a fun distraction while still maintaining social distancing protocols.

And SM Supermalls, being the capitalists they are (LOL), are quick to jump in on this trend. SM City Pampanga launched the first drive-in theater in the Philippines.

We drive one weekend afternoon 61 kilometers from Valenzuela City to San Fernando, Pampanga to watch Peninsula. The day had been wet, but as the sun sets, the rain stops. The highways are practically empty, but the ampitheater is packed with cars. For a moment, life feels a bit like the old normal again.

Our night at the drive-in is one of the nicest since the quarantine. The audio can be accessed through the FM radio and snacks can be purchased via one of the staff members roaming around the grounds. Popcorn, a hotdog, and a drink are included with the tickets.

The drive-in theater experience is fun, and as the quarantine drags on, this can catch on as people itch for new ways to be entertained (our national government isn’t really helping now). Who knows, when Metro Manila finally eases into the Modified General Community Quarantine (the loosest phase of the quarantine), maybe they’ll have one nearer. The Mall of Asia, perhaps?

This trip was taken observing health guidelines provided by health experts and the government. Social distancing was maintained, and crowded places were avoided. This is not an endorsement for people to travel right now, and those who do should be informed of the risks involved and observe strict health protocols.

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