Riverside Chilling and Social Distancing in San Rafael

The uncertainties of the pandemic and the political circus have started to take a mental toll, and I’ve been needing a bit time off to recuperate. While the government has been trying to promote local tourism, I don’t think it’s still a good idea to be risking ourselves that much. But a short trip is probably okay, provided the health protocols are followed. Which is why on a weekday morning, I, my sister, and my brother take our parents to the San Rafael River Adventure, a near-ish getaway in the town of San Rafael in Bulacan.

The place is about a 90-minute drive from Valenzuela, though it feels farther. With the Angat River and the Sierra Madre mountain range for the view, the resort has a tranquil and rustic vibe, providing a great place to self-isolate. However, the social distancing measures as well as the low level of the nearby Bustos Dam, which provides water to the river, means some of the river activities and resort features — such as jetskiing and the floating pool — are not offered for the moment. Even the restaurant is closed, and guests are encouraged to bring their own food.

Still, a few less active pursuits can be done, such as lying on one of the hammocks in the Reflection Island. The resort grounds itself is a relaxing place to stroll around with bamboo-lined paths punctuated by signs with motivational quotes. The infinity pool has some nice views of the river, though you do have to share the place with other guests.

Since our parents are at a greater health risk, we book a stilt glass cottage, which has an indoor bubble pool, so they can dip in the water while still isolating.

The cottage itself has a picturesque view of the river, and we have no problem spending the rest of the day here, grilling fish and barbecue and just sitting on the porch, watching the day go by.

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This trip was taken observing health guidelines provided by health experts and the government. Social distancing was maintained, and crowded places were avoided. This is not an endorsement for people to travel right now, and those who do should be informed of the risks involved and observe strict health protocols.

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