2021 Halftime Break

Just when I thought things were going better and I’m starting to get my groove traveling farther and farther gradually, I got COVID and cases in the Philippines spiked. It broke my momentum and took me a while to get the courage to go out of town again, not to mention the national government placing Metro Manila and neighboring provinces into a (supposedly) strict lockdown again.

But here we are. Three months later, the situation has stabilized (though has not necessarily improved) and local travel has been allowed again.

So we travel again to Cavite, reuniting with the ocean. It’s always the ocean having a way of easing all burdens. It’s rainy season in the Philippines now, but we’re fortunate to have a large enough window of sunshine.

There’s nothing really profound nor remarkable about this trip other than the fact that I’m gradually getting burned out. The prolonged quarantine has my brain getting dried up, and I need to get that feeling of being outside again. I need to get used to the feeling of traveling again.

More than a year of staying mostly in your home city with too many uncertainties going on can really take away your ability to adapt outside your comfort zone. And so about an hour is all I need to get my mind straight and recharge my brain for at least one month. And then we’ll see where the subsequent days (and COVID-related regulations) take us.

Modeled by Hearty

Shot at Villa Mar Beach Resort, Noveleta, Cavite

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