Dine In (For the Last Time): Kermit Manila

Not even mentioning the growing number of deaths due to COVID, this pandemic has really dealt a blow to many businesses, particularly to small independent ones. And while the food industry as a whole has been surviving, especially those who are able to adjust to cloud kitchen concepts and online deliveries, others are not as fortunate. One such is Kermit Manila, which is opening its doors for the last time this weekend.

Kermit started as an Italian restaurant in Siargao, and it became so popular that a branch was opened in Poblacion, Makati. Its handmade pizzas and pastas are so good that it draws crowds especially during weekend evenings. But the series of lockdowns the past year and a half has made it hard to keep operations going, especially now that the Makati dining crowd has dwindled to a few trickle of customers every day.

And so, Kermit is finally closing down its Makati branch and focusing on its original branch in Siargao. On their last weekend, we bring our parents here. They’re fully vaccinated now, and this is their first time to dine out since the pandemic started. The Italian dishes and the laidback vibe of the restaurant are a change of pace for them, especially for my dad who spent the last 19 months mostly at home.

Pizza Margherita (PHP 325) / Kermit Pizza (PHP 680)
Gnocchi al Pesto (PHP 295) / Spaghetti ala Carbonara (PHP 355) / Tagliatelle ala Bolognese (PHP 440)
Sabang Calzone (PHP 585)

It was an evening filled with enlightenment and hope (Laban Leni!). At the same time, it was really heartbreaking to hear the stories from the restaurant’s staff. You could hear from their voice the pain and the uncertainties of what the next week would bring. We might be sad over the fact that a restaurant is closing down; they’re worried over the fact that they won’t have work next week.

It’s a brutal reality for many of us. But if this night taught us anything, it’s that as long as there are those who will stand for what they believe in, as long as there are people who fight for accountability and transparency, and as long as there are those who show kindness and genuinely care about their fellow people, we can overcome the darkness no matter how hard and uncomfortable things may become.

Kermit Manila
4636 Molina, Makati, Metro Manila

2 thoughts on “Dine In (For the Last Time): Kermit Manila

    1. True. The dining scene will be a lot different moving forward. On the flip side, a lot of small businesses are surviving, thanks to social media and deliveries.

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