Amadeo: Balite Falls and a Cup of Coffee

As the COVID cases decline, quarantine restrictions continue to ease up as well. Interprovincial travel is allowed once more, and people spilling out of Metro Manila even during weekdays has resulted in much heavier traffic in major thoroughfares. This doesn’t stop us one weekday. I resume my every-other-week exploration of Cavite province, though this time I travel with my parents, my sister, and my brother. Our destination is the town of Amadeo, just before Tagaytay coming from Imus. Specifically, we head to the M.S.S.L Balite Falls Resort, a cozy spot that provides a tranquil getaway as the world slowly descends into a frenzy once more. (Capitalism is healing!)

Social distancing is still strictly observed, so a limited number of guests are allowed per day (booking days ahead is recommended). The spotlight is of course on the falls, a small pile of rocks with cascading water from the hills, and providing a cool place to swim. For less adventurous ones, there’s also a pool, although it’s too deep for casual swimming.

It’s a nice place for a day trip, and even a worthy detour if coming from Tagaytay, especially now that the number of visitors and the schedule of visit heavily regulated.

The owners of the place are also very friendly and hospitable, and you’ll feel at home right away.

The place closes at 4 pm, so we leave at that time and head south to Cafe Amadeo. Amadeo is known as the Coffee Capital of the Philippines, and Cafe Amadeo is where visitors can test that sobriquet. My parents do find the coffee really good. I, on the other hand, have a hot cup of ginger ale since caffeine will exacerbate my hyperacidity.

After our drinks, we drive for a short jaunt to Tagaytay for a sunset before our long drive home. Hopefully, this signals the start of more travels as the world further recovers from the past two years.

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