The Scent of Fall at Honey Hill Orchard

On a weekday afternoon, we find ourselves driving out to Waterman, about 67 miles west of Chicago. We’re with a couple of families strolling around a patch of apple trees. The scent of fall is apparent, as can be seen in the pumpkins lying around. We came here for some apple-picking but realized taking a picture of ourselves with the apple trees and the pumpkins in the background is more than enough.

It’s a long drive from where staying in Des Plaines, a city suburb of Chicago — it took us about an our and a half — but the views going there alone are worth it. We pass by acres and acres of corn fields as well as the occasional scenic river views. It presents us with the rural side of Illinois we hardly knew. Of course, Honey Hill is the highlight, and its beauty and serenity are more than enough to offset the efforts of driving here. The apple pie and juice we have at the bakery just before leaving are, well, the icing on the really good cake.

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